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Before creating a Google My Business Web Page you need to have your business listed on Google Business. It is also a simple process which include some simple steps and in very first step you need to submit your business information to Google. Then Google will verify your business listing by sending a verification code through post to your business address mentioned in your listing. Once you verified your listing you will be shown on map, search and other Google products.

It is still quite difficult for many people to create a website for their business and for solution of this Google has come up with Google My Business Web Page service which a page builder provided by Google. In this page information from your listing on Google is obtained and a beautiful website is created by using that information. Templates are so good that your all information is arranged in a manner that it creates a fully functional website within minutes with few clicks of your mouse.

Follow the below given simple steps to Google My Business Web Page

First of all Login to Business.google.com and in you have more than one listing then select the business listing for which you want to create web page with Google Page Builder.

You will see a menu item denoted with “website”, just click on it and choose the template.

Once you choose the template you can then manage your content.

If you are not satisfied with the design then you can change it.

Add some more information to your listing to make your web page more useful.

Once you are done with adding information and happy with the layout you are good to go for publishing your web page.

Once you click on Publish you will see a web address containing name of your business and ending with business.site extension which is free for Google.

As soon as you publish your Google site you will be asked to buy a domain from where you can add custom domain to your Google My Business Web Page.

The all important thing you need to create this website is to have a verified business listing on Google. One more thing that you should follow and that is filling up all the columns in your Business listing so that your web page can have more elements which will enhance its looks and features.

This is a free service by Google and it is best for those small business owners who don’t want to spend extra money on hosting and web designing as both these facilities are free in Google My Business Web Page. All you need to do is just buy a domain and map it to your created my business web page. Rest let the ball rolling and see your web page bringing a lot of business leads.

How to make Webpage Title

As we all know if we use Keyword in Title we rank early, same as organic Result, local listing(Google Map Listing), we can use Keyword in title Tag,

Like My company name : Peer Infotech

For Example:

Website Designing in Amritsar – UbietySoft Infotech

Web Design in Amritsar – UbietySoft Infotech

Website Designer in Amritsar – UbietySoft Infotech

Web Development in Amritsar – UbietySoft Infotech

website designing Amritsar – UbietySoft Infotech

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